Marlene’s Story

Name: Marlene

Year of first diagnosis: 2002

Kind of cancers: breast cancer that metastasized to the lung and abdomen


 What was your initial reaction to hearing “You have cancer”?

   How is God going to carry me through this and what is He trying to teach me? Our whole lives are a learning process and we need to discover how this journey fits in. It is easy to try to blame a whole lot of different causes but the fact is you have cancer and you need to deal with it.

 What has been your greatest learning experience?

   The leading of God’s Hands has been amazing even through all the ups and downs. By remaining positive it is the best way to lead others. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have your bad days, but they will not dominate your life.

 What has proved most helpful for you in staying with the process?

   Support of friends, family and church.

 What resources (people, places, books) have offered the greatest support?

   The Bible and the Spirit of God.

 Has your own spirituality been enhanced or lessened by cancer?

   It has been greatly enhanced and we have been blessed by God. There have been times when we ask how and why but God carries us through.

 What would you say to someone who was diagnosed with cancer today?

   This is not something that can be handled by the power of human hands but must be completely put in the hands of God. Even now, under the care of Hospice, we feel the grace of God and the power of his love. Death is not a bad thing as we know we will then meet our Savior face to face. It is just the process of the journey of getting there that sometimes gets difficult.

3 thoughts on “Marlene’s Story

  1. Beautiful Lonnie. She was an amazing lovely lady with a great sense of humor! She loved God and she glowed with Gods love

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