Patrick’s Story

Name: Patrick

Year of first diagnosis: 2009

Kind of cancer: Acute leukemia (ALL)


  1. 1.    My initial reaction to hearing I have cancer was overwhelming. Devastating. I thought my life was ruined. There was an overpowering distraught feeling.


  1. 2.    The greatest learning experience is to realize how delicate life can be. Having a frail, easily damaged perception can affect one’s emotional state.


  1. 3.    Staying positive, confident and absolutely certain is the most helpful thing anyone could do to keep going during the process.


  1. 4.    All resources you can have in your corner as of people, places, books, web sites will be the best support you could have.


  1. 5.    My own spirituality has been enhanced to a higher degree because my cancer was a humbling experience.


  1. 6.    If I met somebody who was diagnosed with cancer today, the first thing I would tell them is to be positive. Ask all questions that concern you about your situation to help improve your health.

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