Joy’s Story

Name: Joy

Year of first diagnosis: 2005

Kind of cancer: breast cancer


It was a typical day. This particular day I was due for my annual mammogram. This appointment was routine. The term highly suspicious were used after the exam. Immediately on receiving the findings a call was made to Dr. Melnik. The rest is history or renewal!


Medical findings showed a small size orange growth in the left breast. I was glad the routine mammogram was scheduled. There were no indications in the previous year as I recall. So now we were at ground zero. The biopsy was done and I waited anxiously for one whole week. Cancer had been found in the left breast. Boom! Crack! Just like lightning strikes, one jumps in the mind.


Cancer is a scary term. Prescribed action – let’s move forward and fix the damage. Surgery came next in December 2005. Chemo treatment would start in January 2006. Treatments are there to conquer and with support staff, myself and God all things are possible! The treatments ended in May 2006. Next came 33 radiation treatments. Yes, it is all hair raising and hair losing!


I chose to activate the I CAN action. The Great Healer is the determining factor. Earthly actions, heavenly actions and I choose to keep Psalm 139 as positive input. My greatest learning experience – don’t take life for granted. You may not be here tomorrow Stay focused as the end results are beneficial. End is just what it says – finis!


People who supported me I kept. Those who didn’t help I stayed away from. The daily walk I chose was to live life as usual. A good diet, rest and a visit to the ice cream shop were helpful. I received drugs to aid with digestion. If strength was available, I would go for a ride. Have a designated driver and see sights to relax and get a new perspective.


We can conquer the cancer. Books I read covered hope, prayer, help from the healer. Include those others who too are suffering. Reading humorous stories of different content. Laugh!


Spirituality has been strengthened. One should depend on a higher being to receive strength, namely, God.


A new cancer patient needs to see the how to’s. Perhaps the caring thoughts and understanding that the patient is not alone will help anxiety to be reduced. My experience led me to be the captain – to know everything front to back. It was important to know what was going to happen.

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