Reflections at Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, MA



Reflections that happened during my May 15-19, 2006, retreat stay with the Benedictine Abbey monks about 30 miles west of Boston. The sacredness of the indoor space was complemented beautifully by the mountain, woodlands and meadows outdoors.  I was  blessed deeply by this prayerful pause for individual and communal prayer and worship. God be praised…

A down hill slope beckoned my body.

Fear not – you’ll get back quite all right.

Steps add up on the pedometer,

Curiosity won out for a sight

Of multi-greened trees and bushes,

Standing tall and waving in the breeze,

Birds piercing the air with their singing,

Sunshine overhead, if you please.

A truck at the visitor center sat,

Seemed odd with all else nature pure.

I wended my way to the river

Where the water flowed on sure as sure.

There’s nothing quite like a walk

In the spring when all is fresh new.

I huffed my way back to the main road

Feeling blessed and aware only few

Take advantage of places like this

With the push and the rushy rat race.

But there’s green gold in them thar refuges

Where we glimpse our Creator’s Face.,


                                                            Sue Tracy, OP  – 5-17-06





Majestic mountain hovering over down below,

Surge-soar simply by your being according to a divine design…

Your peak is smoother than the Rockies Alps

But still you hold a high place-space

Above the woodland meadows at your base…

Your silence speaks of watching us with care

Nestled ‘neath your rim…

I wonder how you see all else beneath your span…

Perhaps instead you look above and feel

A vast and endless sky that rules the earth…

Or does it even matter you’re above

Most other earthly beings in your sphere…

God holds us all within a Hand of Love,

Be it down below or as with you above.


                                                            Sue Tracy, OP – 5-17-06





Humility…humility…who woulda thunk

God would open this door and offer a dunk?

The word has leapt out page after page;

There must be a reason towards becoming a sage.

I know it’s from “humus” and that it means earth

And only in yielding do we come to true birth.

How subtle the tendency is towards pride,

To claim gifts as mine on this planet’s ride.

But God’s way is different; God asks us to say,

“Fiat” each moment of each living day.

And what is this fiat – this so be it?

Where do I find it and how does it fit?

In genuine trust that God knows best

In abiding and waiting and God does the rest.

What God asks of me is to open my heart,

Unreservedly pliable and God does God’s part.

There’s no thing around that can separate,

It’s a matter of faith, no not just sheer fate.

God honors our freedom and only invites;

A humble willing spirit is what God delights.

No breast beating needed, no brow to the ground;

It’s facing our truth and letting God abound.

So stand tall, my soul, and see God face to Face,

Ever open and seeking God’s humble grace.

No need to define it or measure in feet;

It’s bound to be present when heart to Heart meet.


                                                Sue Tracy, OP – 5-19-06






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