Tracy’s Story

Name: Tracy

Year of first diagnosis: 2012

Kind of cancer: Breast Cancer


  1. 1.    What was your initial reaction to hearing “You have cancer”?

I felt as if I was in a dream, watching from above as the experience unfolded. I was in shock as if the diagnosis wasn’t really real.


  1. 2.    What has been your greatest learning experience?

That God allows things to occur so that we realize our dependence on Him and how we need to thank Him for the challenges as it all draws us closer to Jesus.


  1. 3.    What has proved most helpful for you in staying with the process? The devotional entitled Jesus Calling, meeting with other survivors and exchanging experiences, talking with my nurses and nurse navigator, prayer, doing some of the things that I enjoyed before this took place.


  1. 4.    What resources (people, places, books) have offered the greatest support?

The Jesus Calling devotional, the counseling at Lemmen-Holton cancer Pavilion, meeting with other survivors, the Bible and personal prayer.


  1. 5.    Has your spirituality been enhanced or lessened by cancer?

My faith has been strengthened greatly by this experience. Now I truly feel connected to Jesus and go to Him with all things – big, small, happy and challenges.


  1. 6.    What would you say to someone who was diagnosed with cancer today?

It’s OK. He (our almighty savior) has you! He has you here, he walks with you, loves you and some day you will have a place with Him in heaven. But right now He is working through you and drawing you closer to Him. Thank Him for it. You will be happier and more fulfilled with a peace that I cannot  be put into words well but you will lead a life of joy.

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