Mary Ann’s Story

Name: Mary Ann

Year of first diagnosis: 2006

Kind of cancer/s: carcinoid, liver and ovarian cancer


My journey began February 2006. After a colonoscopy for a bleeding issue, I awoke to a surgeon standing at the bottom of my bed. It was very surprising to be told I had a cancerous tumor in my colon and needed immediate surgery. I was so blessed by God as I did not experience fear, only peace. After the CT scan my doctor was in tears as he informed me I had about three months to live. It had metastasized to my liver. It was very difficult to come home and share that news.


After the biopsy report we discovered I had a rare form of cancer that was not as aggressive. Good news and bad news. They could remove the tumor and the colon. However, chemotherapy would not work to kill remaining cells. This type of cancer is not curable so it can reoccur at any time.


One year later I had 30% of my liver removed but unfortunately there was a cancerous node left behind. Over that year I was still at peace with my cancer but anxious for results after CT scans.


Enter January 2012. After some vaginal bleeding once again, there was a mass found. The surgeon was not thinking cancer as other testing was not way out of whack. After 10.5 hours of surgery, I was informed that I had ovarian cancer. Once again not fear but peace, although I knew this one would be much more difficult.


My greatest learning experience has been how great God is. He gave me the strength and grace to persevere through 18 straight weeks of chemotherapy even when I did not think I could handle much more. He blessed me with a wonderful and supportive family, caring friends and my Lemmen-Holton family.


Faith is the greatest gift God has given to me. Knowing that I was resting in His hands gave me the strength to keep my attitude positive throughout it all.


The day a person is diagnosed with cancer, they become a survivor. Survivors must fight and have hope! You too will conquer this horrible six letter word called CANCER.

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