A Year Ago…

Ballons Flying AwayA year ago at this time we had celebrated Sue’s 76th birthday on June 13 by releasing 13 balloons just outside the entrance of Marywood Health Center, sixteen days before she followed them up to heaven. As our sister Sue was never one to miss a birthday or an anniversary and relished being the first person to send that card or make that call to connect on that special day, it feels quite appropriate to begin remembering the anniversary of her passing well in advance of June 29, her final day on earth.

Sue Schroder, one of Sue’s close friends and a fellow traveler on the cancer journey, has begun a blog that she describes as inspired by Sue and intended to continue her message of “cope with hope.” Her first post begins today, June 25, and is entitled Sister Sue Tracy: Hope on Steroids. Please check it on https://copewithhopecanceredition.com/.

We welcome any thoughts or memories you wish to share and hope that you continue to feel Sue’s presence in your lives.

The Tracy Family

4 thoughts on “A Year Ago…

  1. Sr. Sue is still walking and laughing with us as we continue the journey. We laugh every time we think of her and Freddie the frog rolling along with Ivy the pole to visit others in the hospital.

  2. Sister Sue’s Legacy of Life, Love and Laughter continues to live in all of us fortunate enough to know and love her as a friend, mentor and spiritual guide. Thoughts of her continue to inspire and motivate me to follow her example of “Do your best, let God do the rest!” Thanks for making it possible for us to share our thoughts about her with other family, friends and fans!

  3. Just want to say a magnificent THANK YOU! Have enjoyed the numerous meetings with that precious Sister Sue Tracy in our wonderful DOMINICAN INSTITURE OF THE ARTS. We also made contact when I served in Michigan a few times. What a prize we have waiting for us when she welcomes us home to heaven. I enjoy and cherish the red nose attachment which Sue gave out at one session. All have so much to be thankful for! PEACE! HOPE! JOY!
    Sister Mary Ellen Paulson, O.P. Racine dominican

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