Sister Sue’s Caring Page

In February of this year, Sister Sue learned that the lymphoma in her brain had returned, and she is currently in treatment for it with some of the latest forms of chemotherapy. She is not up for visits or calls at this time, or for responding to email messages, but if you wish to reach out to her, you can send a card to Marywood (Sr. Sue Tracy OP, Aquinata Hall, 153 Lakeside Drive, NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503-2811) or respond with a comment on her Caring Page (see the menu above), which will be forwarded to her. And of course your prayers are always appreciated.

1 thought on “Sister Sue’s Caring Page

  1. Dear Sister Sue: I was so happy to receive this this morning as a way to stay connected with you. It’s Friday and, of course, I’m thinking of you today, but I’ve been thinking of you EVERY DAY this week and last week and next week, too, and the week after that, etc., until I hear you’re well again. This is sent with a smile, a hug and lots and lots of love!

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