Cope, With Hope

Hello Dear Friends:

As you know, I am partnering with my care team at Spectrum, once again, as I undergo treatment. Honestly, my energy waxes and wanes. As you all know this can be a long road.

The message I focus on during these days is “Cope, with hope.

Please continue your prayers with and for me. I’ll pop in here with updates now and again.

Peace and humor every day, Sister Sue


2 thoughts on “Cope, With Hope

  1. My dear Sister Sue: Andy and I were in Hillsdale this past weekend visiting our kids and grandkids. We attended church at Trinity Lutheran where three of our grandkids will be confirmed the Sunday after Mother’s Day, when we’ll return to worship again in this small but welcoming congregation. I’m telling you all this because I thought of you (as I always do when we attend Mass at Our Lady of Aglona) when the Bishop, who spoke, talked about how God speaks to us every day and many times throughout the day in subtle but meaningful ways to assure us of His love and support, no matter what we might be going through or facing. As he spoke, I felt such a closeness to you and all you’ve taught me about faith, hope, and trust and always with a cheerful attitude of gratitude, no matter what. So, I just wanted to share that with you, because I want you to know you are with me always, as a dear friend, and mentor. I also send you greetings from my dear husband, who also admires and respects you, and loving thoughts and prayers from us both, ever and always. Pam

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