Sister Sue Tracy, Rest in Peace

Sister Sue Tracy passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening, surrounded by her family and her Dominican sisters. She entered hospice care at Marywood Health Center on June 1, 2016 and celebrated her 76th birthday on June 13. Humor was her hallmark and salvation in her declining days, and she continued to speak of cancer as her “pesky partner” even as she declared openly to those who asked how she was doing, “Well, aside from the fact that I’m dying, I’m doing fine.”

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A friend once wrote: “Sister Sue, you will rock God’s Heaven one day, and I hope I will be there with you.” 

Dear Friends: Sister Sue, on the advice of her doctors and with support from her healthcare providers at Marywood, her Dominican Sisters, and her family, made the decision to enter hospice care at Marywood Health Center this week. Sister Sue is at peace with this decision. She now turns to reflecting on the rich life she has led and on simple comforts as the end of her time on this Earth approaches.
 “God has invited me on a life journey that has included cancer,” Sister Sue has said often. Creating and sharing her motivational missives on her ToodoolooSue blog, in her books, and in other thoughtful tools of her ministry has brought Sister Sue great joy and comfort as she has coped and hoped through six bouts of cancer since 1986. With God’s grace she has walked this path with faith, courage, grace, and empathy for nearly 30 years. Her ministry of offering encouragement, blessings, and prayers to others who have walked, shouted, jumped, crawled, sang and danced, and loved on the cancer journey has been a blessing for her, and to all who know her.

 Your prayers, shared memories, and words of encouragement have brought Sister Sue respite and joy during these past few months of her treatment journey. She has appreciated your presence through your notes and messages. Please know that her Dominican Sisters and other companions will continue reading to Sister Sue as her energy allows.

 To all, Sister Sue asked us to share one of her favorite Blog posts. It begins… “Dear Gracious God… We know that cancer can do some things like startle us and re-shift our focus and our day by day routines and tempt us to worry about the future and wonder about the unknowns… but we also affirm there are many important things that cancer simply cannot do…

 It cannot cripple Love….oh, it may temporarily blind us with fear but we know it cannot decrease Love…our love for you, our families, our caregivers…who all invest generous time and care for us on this journey. In the end we know love will triumph but we also experience its victories day by day… (read more)